For Annie Vidal’s photo exhibit we designed a food installations based on its theme and and made it become reality with organic and local ingredients:

"fish and chips" London

Starter: Black rice crackers with white bean hummus in little bambu boats

→ Black and white exhibit.
→ The photos were positioned according to the city where they were taken at: Barcelona, Euskadi, London. All of them next to the sea. During the exhibit we «travelled» through the sea visiting these cities with our bambu boats.



Barcelona: Oven roasted zucchini, asparagus and broccoli «Calçots» with romesco sauce
Euskadi: «Pinxos» of sweet potato bread with pea hummus; «Pinxos» of mushroom and goat cheese coconut coca
London: «Fish and Chips» made out of oven eggplant coconut fries and oven baked potato chips with pea hummus and sheep yoghurt sauce


Dessert: Black and white beer infused “chess cake

→ Black and white exhibit.
→ The artist likes different beer types.
→ Exhibit was dedicated to the artist’s yaya (grandma) → White cake part was inspired by her grandma’s «bizcocho» she used to bake for Annie.