We had a very special launch night that Thursday 22nd of February at Wer-Haus!

After months of preparation and lots of sweats and tears, we were thrilled to announce the official launch of Mardeagosto where you got to know all about Mardeagosto and its sea of August.

It’s the sea of a new creative agency based in Barcelona with the goal to create beauty. Because feeling beauty is to feel home, to feel connected to something bigger. Beauty can be found in many places and in many ways. It can be experienced by looking at a painting, feeling those warm sunrays on a cold winter’s day or when we laugh at what we least like about ourselves. It’s a feeling that turns an ordinary action into an experience and lets you connect with the present. That is what Mardeagosto wants to do in the end, to create, share and design concepts to experience this feeling of beauty.

The event started with live music thanks to Julien Fitoussi, Judith Pons, Michael O’Connell and Caro Martel and a dj set thanks to Shaun Barton.
Photos and film by Annie Vee, Shaun Barton and Mathieu Chatillon.
Handmade personalized candles by To:from, graphic design by Shaun Barton and homemade organic canapes and sweets by ourselves.

And a special thanks to Charlotte Amy Smith and Caro Martel for welcoming everyone and Laura Ramos as friend and partner in crime for supporting and helping that mardeagosto becomes what it’s becoming!!